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$4Blue Corn Breadwhipped butter, sea salt

$7Confit Chicken Popsblue cheese, urban farmer hot sauce

$5Sourdough Garlic Knotsthyme, garlic butter

$9Farmer Flatbreadseasonal toppings

$5Urban Farmer Beef Slidertomato jam, white cheddar, aioli

$4Deviled Eggshouse-made bacon, maple bourbon

$6Roasted Bar Nutssweet and spicy


$6Malbec, Chardonnay, Sparkling

$5Old Fashionedrye, turbinado, bitters

$6Daquirirum, lime, cane sugar

$5Daily Beer Selection

$6Urban Family Collaborationjones family vodka, blueberry hibiscus sake, lime, cranberry, ginger beer

$6French 75gin, lemon, sugar, bubbles