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Sustainable Lifestyle

Urban Farmer, Denver’s Steakhouse, Denver CO

What does it mean to live the sustainability lifestyle in a restaurant?

Urban Farmer does a lot of things to be sustainable in our restaurant, here is a list of a few things we focus on!

Roof Top Bees

Whether it’s garnishing cheese plates with honeycomb, using the beeswax to create lip balm, or jarring honey from Colorado honeybees for guests, we believe in cultivating and utilizing all aspects of our rooftop beehives.

Tallow Candles

Urban Farmer Denver believes in a zero waste mission and part of this is using the entire animal. A creative expression of this mission is seen in our candles as they are made from rendered beef fat called tallow.

Growing Local Mushrooms in our restaurant

Urban Farmer Denver sources hearty, umami-rich and savory seasonal mushrooms that will enhance your palate. By working with local mushroom growers, we can provide the freshest, quality mushrooms.


Urban Farmer Denver is passionately committed to cultivating sustainable practices within the restaurant industry. We do everything we can to keep compost out of landfills, and reuse in the topsoil for our herb plants.

Herb Plants from our patio

Notice the fragrant herb garnishes on your plate or beverage? They come from our patio garden. Urban Farmer Denver partners with Seed Trust, a local, family owned seed company to procure herb seedlings such as borage, chives, and calendula. Not only are the herbs from our patio herb garden wonderful for seasonings and garnishes, our honeybees also love these pollinating-friendly plants.

Ranch to Table Mission

Urban Farmer Denver believes in consciously sourced food. Our culinary team works with local farms, ranches, and fisheries, to consider the diets and treatment of animals. As part of our zero waste mission, we utilize the whole animal— from steak cuts and sausages, to bone broth and stocks.

In-House Butcher Shop

Urban Farmer Denver has an in-house butcher and dry-aging cooler where we feature our meticulously selected heritage-bred beef, and sustainably sourced poultry and fish.

Craft Cocktails

Looking for a drink off the beaten path? Our craft cocktails are sure to delight as our bartenders’ creativity shines through while highlighting local craft spirits and local ingredients from growers.

Coming Soon!

Aquaponic Garden – where we will grow our greens right as you walk into Urban Farmer!