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Thank You To Our Local Partners!

Thank you to our local partners!

Sourcing our ingredients from local ranchers, farmers and fish mongers is the biggest part of our Urban Farmer story. Our chefs and managers had the opportunity to visit a handful of our partners over the summer and we learned so much. “It’s truly an amazing thing, when you can see the very start to a product you use to create a meal.” Quoted by our executive chef, Chris Starkus. Chef Starkus began the Urban Farmer Denver menu production by talking with our local partners, learning how they grow their food, and understanding the passion behind each product. Many menu items like our table side mushroom cart, dry aged meats, and local greens salad were carefully thought out after sourcing from our purveyors. Below are some behind the scene pictures of what our tours looked like and you can check out our partners list on our website for more information!