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Seeds Please!

Urban Farmer Denver is excited about our partnership with Seeds Trust, where we will be utilizing their seeds for our gardening on our patio! Our guests will also be able to take seed packets home after every meal and during our off-site events. Seeds Trust is a 30 year-old family seed company dedicated to teaching you to save your own seeds, grow a delicious home garden and create stunning native landscapes. We sell heirloom seeds (passed on from generation to generation), open-pollinated seeds (will reproduce true to form) and organic vegetable, native wildflower, native grass and medicinal herb seeds. Search the entire Seeds Trust online seed catalog and enhance your selections with the seed catalogs listed below. Landscape professionals will be happy to find the list of all our wildflower, herb and grass selections sorted by scientific names.

Our Executive Chef, Chris Starkus has hand selected our seeds and is excited for our guests to plant them at home as well. Be sure to check our social media posts in the next month, for pictures of our team packing our seed packets.

For information about Seeds Trust visit their website: https://www.seedstrust.com/