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Calling All Mushroom Lovers!

Executive Chef Chris Starkus and his culinary team got the privilege of visiting Hazel Dell Mushroom Farms this month! You will see their mushrooms in many of the dishes Chef Chris creates at Urban Farmer, come this August! Hazel Dell Mushrooms, located in Ft. Collins, offers variety of different mushrooms that include; Shiitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Portabella, Button, and Cinamon Cap.

An interesting point that Hazel Dell make is;
Is mushroom growing easy? Is it a profitable business? Yes as long as we are able to master the contamination, weather, labor problems, quality and marketing issues, unknown and unforeseen production shortfalls, equipment breakdowns, shortages of growing space, energy costs and raw materials shortages and variability. Just like any other business or farming operation, there are a lot of ‘if’s that separate winning and losing.
You check out more information about this farm here:
It was so exciting visiting their farm, that literally started from an idea to a wide variety of mushrooms, a fantastic and interesting facility and a beautiful and delicious product!

Thank you Hazel Dell Mushrooms!