First Course


$20Table Side Beef Tartare*fennel, parmesan, house-made crackers

$16Shrimp Cocktailspicy tomato jam, pickled red onion, cucumber

$18Seafood Saladaquafaba, citrus, chorizo oil

$3.51/2 Shell Oysters*east and west coast, lemon, mignonette

$75Seafood Tower*east and west coast oysters, jonah crab claw, maine lobster, clam shooter, escabeche, scallop crudo


$20Foie Gras*cranberry compote, fines herb ebelskiver, rooftop honey

$12Winter Squash Soupgremolata, spiced seed brittle, roasted rice vinegar

$15Veal Sweetbreadparsnip custard, parsley, chicken jus

$13Ham Bone Soupbraised greens, black eyed peas, chicharrones

$18Charred Octopusmussels, black garlic, saffron Spätzle


$12Local Greensshaved vegetables, crispy quinoa, local honey vinaigrette

$14Petite Icebergblue cheese, bacon jam, green peppercorn

$13Caesar*romaine, garlic-caper dressing, white anchovy

$14Roasted Beetcrispy grains, nut butter, spicy carrot

Featured Items

$18Cheese Platelocal and old world selections, seasonal accompaniments, house-made cracker

$14Charcuteriehouse-made and artisanal selections, pickled vegetables, preserves, mustard

New York Steak Tasting*

$75New York Steak Tasting6 oz each: crystal river farms certified grass-fed, painted hills grain-finished, brandt beef 21 day dry aged


New York

$5114 Oz Crystal River Farmscolorado, certified grass-fed

$7212 Oz 7X Wagyucolorado, grain-finished

$5614 Oz Painted Hillsoregon, grain-finished


$498 Oz Piedmontesenebraska, grain-finished

$568 Oz Crystal River Farmscolorado, certified grass-fed


$5416 Oz Cedar River Farmsnew mexico, bone-in, grass-fed

$7920 Oz 7X Wagyucolorado, grain-finished

Butcher Cutsdaily cuts from our favorite ranchers

$3912 Oz 7X Bavettecolorado, grain-finished

$6524 Oz Brandt Beefporterhouse, california, corn-finished

Dry Aged

$5818 Oz New Yorkbrandt beef, california, corn-fed, bone-in, 21 day

$6518 Oz Ribeyebrandt beef, california, corn-fed, bone-in, 30 day

$6618 Oz New Yorkbrandt beef, california, corn-fed, bone-in, 42 day


$5Peppercorn Quartet Crustgreen, black, pink, korean

$5Sauce Béarnaise

$9Blackened Foie Gras Butter

$211/2 Maine Lobsterherb butter


$33Bone-in Local Pork Chop*red onion soubise, vegetable ash, pickled mustard seed

$52Hibiscus Tea Marinated Lamb Chops*squash, porcini mushroom dust, sprouted grain

$29Colorado Chickenlentil cassoulet, tapenade, brined carrot

Fish and Seafood

$34Arctic Char*heirloom carrot, cipollini onion, salsa verde

$36Seared Sea Scallops*wild rice, cauliflower puree, kumquat, pumpernickle

$34Striped Bass*delicata squash, salsify, nasturtium oil


$14Creamed Spinach Gratin

$7Farm Friesrusset burbank

$12Braised Local Greenspickled carrot, mustard seed, onion

$10Baked Mac N Cheesecured tomato, bread crumbs

$14Trio of Winter Squashpear, fig glaze, blackened pepita seed

$15Roasted Local Mushrooms

$10Yukon Gold Potato Puree

$11Vegetables En Papilloteherb butter, sea salt

$14Twice Baked Fingerling Potato Tartcheddar, bacon, chives